Thursday, 19 January 2017

Alistair McNally - Male and female he made them - Genesis 1:26, 3:2

The culture we live in is rife with questions about our identity, what it is to be a man, whether anything is fixed, even to the point of gender. Does the Bible speak to these concerns? What does it mean to be ‘a man’ in the 21st Century? Can we still hold to Biblical understandings of role and function in society? What would Christ say to a man wanting to marry another man, or one who feels he should be a woman…? Our series at BURNING MAN this term is looking to wrestle with the psalmist’s question, ‘WHAT IS MAN?’ We’ll be covering topics such as what it means to be male, sexuality and gay marriage, men’s calling to be husbands and fathers, and transgenderism. We kick off with ‘Male and female he made them’. Alistair McNally, Director of Hillsong Bible College London, will be speaking. We think you should join us.