Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Ken Costa - Matthew 14:22-36 - Stay in the boat

We are joined by Ken Costa who speaks on Matthew 14:22-36 with a talk titled ‘Stay in the boat’.

Rev Paul Perkin - Ecclesiastes 4:-12 - A man alone (Part 1)

We are joined in this session by the Rev Paul Perkin, Senior Pastor of St Mark's Battersea Rise, who leads us in the first part of two sessions titled "A man alone".

Jonathan Aitken - Psalm 130

We are really sorry and have to apologise to all of you looking forward to hearing Jonathan's talk again, but unfortunately a recording error during the session has rendered the talk unusable.

We have tried our best to restore the recording, but the error has rendered the talk unintelligible.


Revd Dr Graham Tomlin - James 1:27 to 2:11 & James 4:13 - 5:6 - The Rich and the Poor

We are joined again by our very own Rev'd Dr Graham Tomlin, who this session explores the theme of wealth and poverty.