Thursday, 14 May 2015

Rico Tice - Personal Evangelism

We’re delighted to have have Rico Tice with us, kicking off a new season of 'Burning Man'!

Rico is the Senior Minister for evangelism at All Souls Langham Place, having joined in the latter years of John Stott’s ministry there. He is also author and pioneer of ‘Christianity Explored’, an introductory course to the Christian faith that has over 10,000 courses running in 90 countries around the world. Speaking personally, he is quite simply one of the most compelling and inspiring preachers in the world today. It is an honour to have him with us. Don’t miss out!

He’ll be looking at ‘Personal Evangelism’ - how we are each called to carry the message of Jesus to those around us and also how we do it.


We have finally finished editing Rico's talk. Apologies for the delay in doing so; this talk is definitely worth the wait.